New PSN & NPN Events for South Side Families

Written by: Megan Marshall

NPN and Hyde Park Parent Support Network (PSN) are joining forces to bring more parent programming to South Side families!

The Hyde Park Parent Support Network and Neighborhood Parent Network jointly present our 1st event – Friends and Family CPR class at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (HPNC) Monday December 12th – 7-9pm.  CPR is such a critical skill set for parents, family members, and caregivers.  And for many parents, if it has been a year since you had it last, consider this as a great opportunity for a refresher!  Attendees get access to the expertise of Safety Squad and Chicago CPR for only $5.  This class is open to the public – please RSVP to confirm your spot!

HPNC is an amazing nonprofit center where children of all ages from diverse backgrounds enjoy fun and educational activities during out-of-school time in a warm and safe environment. Please note if you are looking for a certification class, please check out their upcoming CPR event.

In August, PSN and NPN partnered to help South Side families tackle school choice at the South Side Preschool & Elementary School Fair.  Given our missions and the needs of our family members are so well aligned, we decided to get together and brainstorm ways we could join forces and bring South Side Families more programming.  NPN has been running programs like Parent University, School Choice seminars, and New Parent programming since its founding in 1980.  We are thrilled to bring this partnership to new families as they navigate parenting all over the city.

If you are in Hyde Park, please also check out all that PSN has to offer – active listserve, playroom, and of course our traditional get-togethers (our potluck, Halloween party and more).


At this class PSN members will not only get the chance to meet the NPN team but also take advantage of a special NPN membership discount.  Future programming will include College Savings/Estate Planning, Potty Training, and more!  We are counting on PSN and local NPN parents to help us make this partnership a success by throwing out great programming ideas you would like to see, spreading the word to your friends, and volunteering.  Thanks for helping us grow these great resources!  Please email with questions and ideas.

Posted on December 02, 2011 at 9:55 PM


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